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Rules & Regulations
Longleaf trace
Rules & Regulations

  1. Operating hours shall be sunrise to sunset except for in lighted areas, which may be otherwise posted. No use shall be permitted outside these hours except by special-use permit issued by the district’s trail manager.

  2. No petroleum-propelled vehicles are permitted on the trail except emergency, maintenance, and patrol vehicles authorized by the district.

  3. Golf/electric carts are permitted on the trail only by special-use permit/decal issued by the district’s trail manage, and in strict compliance with the terms and conditions thereof.

  4. Horseback riding is permitted only on the equestrian trail and shall cross the paved trail only at designated areas.

  5. All users must keep right except for when passing.

  6. All users of the rail shall yield to horse traffic when present at equestrian crossings.

  7. No person under 12 years of age is allowed on the trial unless accompanied by an adult.

  8. Fires are allowed only in grills and fire pits provided in designated areas.

  9. Vandalism of any building, structure, plant, sign, or property of the district is prohibited.

  10. No person shall litter or dispose of litter except in waste containers provided on the trail.

  11. No glass containers are permitted on the trail.

  12. Firearms of any kind of prohibited on the trail except for authorized personnel, law enforcement officers, or by permit.

  13. Hunting is prohibited on the trail or on any property of the district.

  14. Shooting a firearm on, over, across, or down the trail is prohibited.

  15. Explosives or fireworks are prohibited on the trail.

  16. Disorderly conduct is prohibited including, but no limited to: abusive language, intoxication, disturbance of other persons using the trail, or breach of peace.

  17. Possession or use of alcoholic beverages on the trail is prohibited.

  18. Any and all advertising, exhibitions, solicitation, and contributions are prohibited except by special permit authorized and issued by the district.

  19. Entrance to the trial is authorized only at public roads, trailheads, and other designated points of entrance.

  20. Do not leave trail and enter private property without consent of the property owner.

  21. No dogs shall be allowed on the trail or other property of the district unless on a leash and accompanied by the owner of said dog or dogs. Pet waste deposited on the public use areas and support facilities of the trail shall be immediately removed by the owner.

  22. Any person or group desiring a special use permit, for reasons of being handicapped or by other special circumstances, or for an event, may apply to the district’s trail manager for such a permit. Such requests shall be made not less than 15 days prior to the date said permit is to be used.

  23. Parking facilities are provided at some public entrances to the trail. Parking should be as designated by posted signs.

  24. Any violation of the general rules and regulations shall be punishable as provided by state law.

Golf/Electric Cart Rules
Longleaf Trace Rules & Regulations For Use of Golf/Electric Carts

  1. Cart must be open and battery powered only.

  2. Cart must possess a special use permit approved by the district’s trail manager and a current permit decal must be prominently displayed on the cart, which may be purchased at an annual fee established by the district.  

  3. Cart operators must possess a valid state driver’s license and be accompanied by a person of or be 25 years of age or older, except for physically and visibly handicapped individuals who must demonstrate his/her ability to safely operate the permitted cart, in lieu of a license.

  4. Permitted carts shall comply with the general rules and regulations of the Pearl & Leaf Rivers Rails-to-Trails Recreational District and any and all posted signs, regulations, or warnings.

  5. Permitted carts must be operated in a mature and safe manner at all times, in compliance with any and all posted regulations and at a speed not to exceed 15 miles per hour.  

  6. Permitted carts must be operated with full respect of other users and shall operate at all times on the right side of the trail, except when passing, and shall not pass other users who are being assisted by a mechanical device (i.e. bikes, roller blades, wheelchairs, maintenance vehicles, etc.) unless invited to do so.

  7. Permitted carts shall yield the right of way to all other users of the trail who are assisted by mechanical devices ( i.e. bikes, roller blades, wheelchairs, maintenance vehicles, etc.) approaching from either the front or rear, by pulling to the right, off the asphalt surface where reasonably possible, and at least 150 feet in advance, and coming to a complete stop.  

  8. Any violation of the general rules and regulations or these special rules and regulations for use of golf/electric carts on the Longleaf Trace shall be punishable as provided by state law.

Longleaf Trace Etiquette

The Longleaf Trace was designed to be enjoyed by people with a variety of interests and attracts bikers, hikers, equestrians, skaters, rollerbladers, runners, and strollers, to name a few. With safety in mind and to assist in the flow of the Trace for all users, the following etiquette should be employed while enjoying the Trace:

  1. Bikers should yield to both walkers and equestrians.

  2. Be courteous and let other users know of your approach. Even if there is plenty of room to pass, give a warning. A bell, “On your left”, or other indication would be appropriate.

  3. There are several motor vehicle crossings along the Trace. Upon approach, Trace users should stop, look, and listen before proceeding. These intersections are marked with stop signs for users of the Trace, and vehicles always have the right of way.

  4. Use the rules of the road; just like when driving, travel on the right side of the road and pass others moving more slowly than you on the left. Remember to give an audible warning!

  5. When using the trail with a pet, ensure they are in your care and under control at all times. All animals must be on a leash and users are asked to remove any pet waste during their trip.

  6. No littering.

  7. At busy portions of the trail, please be aware of how many walkers or bikers are traveling side-by-side. When traffic builds up, form a line so others have room to enjoy the Trace as well.

  8. Horseback riding is limited to the parallel equestrian trail except at the rare intersections where the two trails cross. At these locations, pedestrians should be respectful of horses which can become startled.

Everyone using the Trace is traveling at a different speed and with a different purpose in mind. Parents with their families and people taking their pets for a walk are using the trail at their leisure, while bikers and runners may have a need for speed. Be understanding of those you’re enjoying this free attraction with and remember that wheels always yield to heels!

Trace Etiquette
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