Rest Stops

In addition to the Stations at Jackson Road, Epley, Sumrall, Bassfield, Carson, and Prentiss, every few miles on the Trace there is a rest stop or weather station or overlook. They are equipped with benches, and trash cans.  Weather Stations have a roof for protection against rain and lightning. The sites were chosen to provide a good view of the surrounding forest. Many are on the side of high embankment, providing a birds-eye view. These are great places to stop and rest for a few minutes. A small group could have a picnic there (seating for up to 4). The Beaver Pond Overlook at milepost (MP) 13 is much bigger and can  accommodate a larger group (see Overlook pictures). Note: The Mileposts are numbered just like the railroad numbered them, starting from downtown Hattiesburg, so the Gateway is between MP3 and MP4. Rest stops are now available at milepost (MP) 3.6 (just .25 miles from the Gateway Southern Miss), 5.5, 9, 12, 13 (Beaver Pond), 14, 17.5, 22, 24.25, 27.25, 28.25, 33.5, 38, and 42. The weather stations are at MP6.5 and MP31.5, and another is also planned for MP8.5.
James Moore personally built 7 of the rest stops, evenly spaced along the Trace, similar to the overlook he and his father built at the Beaver Pond last Spring. The rest stops have a wooden platform, and bench for Trace users to take a break and rest in the shade. Many thanks to Lance Myrick of Economy Supply, for donating or providing at cost all the materials used in constructing the overlook and the new platforms. And once again thanks to James Moore of Moore's Bicycle Shop, who has been instrumental in so much of the work on the Trace, for donating his design skills and labor on this project. 

A rest stop located overlooking a creek on the bridge just outside of Prentiss. 

Another rest stop on a high bank

A rest stop at mile 12

Bike racks available at each rest stop 

 This rest stop at MP 5.5 is sponsored by Ridesouth in Jackson

This rest stop at MP 17.5 is just east of Sumrall

A rest stop near mile 24. Bring some goodies to feed the emus and donkeys.

A neighbor has planted a nice flower garden near the rest stop

Emus and Llamas are often seen at this rest stop

Got any goodies?

A rest stop at mile 39 close to Prentiss