Dave Sander's Trip

I rode the Long Leaf Trace September 11, 2007. I left the Gateway in Hattiesburg at 6:20 AM, arrived in Prentiss at 8:23 AM.  After a 10 minute rest, stretch and refuel, I left Prentiss at 8:33 AM and arrived back at Gateway at 10:45 AM.  Round trip riding time was 4 hours 15 minutes.

It was a great ride, temp at start time was about 70F and upon arrival back in Hattiesburg it was about 84F.  I saw quite a few trail users, mostly walkers.  Also saw deer, lots of rabbits, and a few dogs and cats.

I will be back to ride the Trace again (at a slower pace)

Mel Stewart
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Start and Finish Pictures