Ride of a Lifetime

Longleaf Trace Trip

By Beverly Henson

First Place Ministry -

 Saturday April 14,th 2001 I had the bike ride of a lifetime on the Longleaf Trace in Hattiesburg.

trail 1 

The Trail… looking north toward Prentiss, Mississippi, the beginning of my trek

sign 2 

Longleaf Trace sign… an old railroad bed transformed into a beautiful paved trail for biking, running, walking, skating, or any activity that is not motor driven

 clydes 3

Clydes Depot… 3.4 miles up the trail is the first stop along the trail… restrooms, water, and snacks at this stop

 pond 4

Pond on the trace… this is one of the beautiful ponds along the trace

Bike 5 

My Bike at Epley Station… 7.2 miles up the trail is the Epley station


Clean restrooms… Epley has water, clean restrooms and a nice rest area

construction 7 

Construction on Depot at Sumrall… 11 miles up the trail in Sumrall.  This depot is under construction and scheduled to open in June… it was so neat to riding where the old train ran

Downtown 8 

Downtown Sumrall… the trail ran right through the old country town

 Flowers 9

Flowers at Bassfield… 25.3 miles up the trails is Bassfield …these beautiful flowers were along the trail

 bridge 10

Bridge at Bassfield… just north of Bassfield is the first wooden bridge I crossed

 First Aid 11

 cows 12

Cows at Carson… 29.8 miles up the trail is Carson… the Carson cows waved at me from their pasture

 end 13

End of the line at Prentiss… I came to the end of the line to find a festival going on at Prentiss… it was a beautiful little town… time to turn around and head back to Hattiesburg

 odometer 14

72 miles… this is my odometer on my bike when I finally reached Hattiesburg… my legs were fine but my behind almost didn’t make it… it was a great trip... I totally enjoyed my trek... it is a well cared for and safe trail… I highly recommend it…