J. E. Swager

J. E. Swager and friend C. L. King visit the Trace

C. L. King is 80 years old and retired from the Miss Highway patrol. 
Jim Swager is 75 and retired from the Railroad Company.
"My Friend CL King and I  meet with a group 4 or 5 times a week at a local restraint and drink coffee and I  kept telling him about the beautiful bike trail and he got interested in it and finally he came up with a bike and after us riding around Brookhaven a few days he was ready for the trail. We put our bikes in the truck and  got on the trail at Bassfield and road to Sumrall and had a nice lunch at a Sumrall restaurant and then rode back to Bassfield for a total of 33 miles. He made the trip fine and we enjoyed  the fellowship and talking to fellow bikers along the way."

Here are some pictures they took on their ride

C. L. King, age 80, unloads his bike at Bassfield

Pond on the Longleaf Trace near Clyde