J. E. Swager Celebrates # 77

On March 7, 2003 I made my 77 birthday and I thought I would ride the beautiful trace 77 miles the first day weather was favorable and that day was Wednesday March 12th. A great day for a ride.

I got on the trace at Prentiss at 635 am March 12, 2003 and rode  to Sumrall arriving there at 930 am, stopped at Wards for a root beer, then went on to Hattiesburg. I stopped back at Sumrall for a lite lunch, then went on to Prentiss, arriving back there at 4:43 pm.

The trace is making improvements every time I visit it. I note that new rest stations are going up all long the line at Prentiss, Carson, Sumrall, and at every station. The Depot at Sumrall is looking good.

Owner Mr. Sumrall said it looked like about September for the opening and maybe before with nice weather.

The trip Prentiss to Hattiesburg is not 77 miles but with my stop off for snacks and lunch at came to 76.7/10


Jim Swager