Horse Trail

The trail leaves Epley, heading west toward Sumrall. Note the 
horse and mountain bike trail (just to the right of the paved trail). 
This side trail covers 25 miles from Epley to Carson.

A water trough near Epley Station at the start of the trail

Sponsor signs near the horse trough.

Paved trail to the left, horse trail on the right, between Epley and Sumrall.

The horse trail crosses a lush field of grass; note marking flags

A horse trough has been added at Lott Circle

Ghost house near Lott Circle. Do not trespass.

Looking East from Lott Circle

Turns have been added to make it easier for wagons or
groups of riders to change directions on th eTrace.

The horse trail is on both sides of the Trace at the Turns.


In Bassfield, John Kerley of 4K Stables has installed a shady rest stop
 for horses, complete with hitching posts and watering trough

Another view of the trail near Bassfield

Pictures looking down on the horse trail from the paved trail

A group of riders makes the water crossing just west of Sumrall
This group is from Word of Faith Christian Center, Hattiesburg, MS.
They had a Father, Son, & Big Brother outing @ Circle S Riding Stables
and then spent the afternoon riding on the trail. The group consisted of
22 riders on horseback and two golf carts (not pictured).

Enjoying the trail just east of Sumrall

A group of riders take a break at the Sumrall Station

The horse trail will someday continue from Epley Station to the Denbury Beaver Pond.
Work is underway on completing this section.