How to Start a Trail

Many visitors to the Longleaf Trace have asked how the Trace was started, and what they need to do to start one in their area. It would take many web pages to tell the story of all that went into building the Longleaf Trace. Time; the visions of key people; new legislation; unprecedented cooperation between local, state, and federal governments; support by the local public; and federal, state, local, and private funding were all crucial elements.

James Moore at Moore's Bike Shop was a key figure in getting the Trace started and remains very involved. He knows the history of the creation of the Trace and all the organizations, agencies, individuals, and officials who were involved. He has collected the best materials from the Rails to Trails Conservancy, and also recorded his personal recommendations on Rail Trail Development. If you are sincerely interested in starting a trail in your area, first get ready for a lot of hard but rewarding work. Your next step should be to call or go by to see James Moore to talk to him, and get a copy of these materials.  James Moore can be reached through his shop Monday through Saturday. Call to arrange a meeting before stopping by, as he is busy with the Trace and many other community activities.

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