Visitors and supporters often ask how the Trace has affected the economies of the towns along the Trace. As a partial answer, here is a sampling of businesses that have been started specifically to cater to Trace users, and existing businesses where it is common to see a lot of Trace users 

Lau-Tori's Fine Foods in Sumrall,
with a full bike rack at lunchtime

Pat and Mike Zeller from Hot Springs AR enjoy lunch at La-tori's. They rode the 
Tammany Trace in Louisiana on Saturday, then came and rode the Longleaf Trace
on Sunday and Monday. They stayed at the Ramada Inn, and plan to look for other
things to do while they are here. They heard about the Trace from another member of 
their (Hot Springs) Ouachita Hiking Club, who told them it was a great place to ride. 

Sumrall Depot
A bike shop/snack bar/golf cart rental under construction in Sumrall
75 Railroad Avenue  Sumrall, MS 39482  601.758.4900

Several picnic tables are available at Sumrall Depot
Apparently the benches are a good place to rest? 

A B&B Near Clyde Depot

A B&B near Jackson Station

Melba Grocery and Deli is just off the Trace between Sumrall and Bassfield

Four K Stables in Bassfield has deluxe stables, RV, camping, and bunkhouse facilities

Property along the Trace has risen in value. 
Here's a new development that highlights it's location adjacent to the Trace

Many people have bought new bikes or accessories to ride the Trace.

Moore's Bike Shop in Hattiesburg is a full service sales
and repair shop which caters to visitors to the Trace.
They also rent bicycles at their Gateway Southern Miss shop.

Clyde Depot is a private facility, built for use by Trace users. 
Here a group from Laurel enjoys a picnic during their outing

There are several small groceries and quick stops within sight of the Trace in Sumrall,
 Bassfield, Carson, and Prentiss where sports drinks and food can be purchased. Here
is Kim West in front of Kim West Grocery, just off the Trace in Bassfield 

There are Ward's restaurants in Prentiss, Sumrall and Bassfield (shown above)

Lighthouse Cafe in Bassfield is just across from Wards near the Shell Station

A new business advertises on the Trace

Prentiss' motels and restaurants have benefited from Trace business

 Jeffersonian Inn
1295 Frontage Road
Prentiss, MS  39474
(601) 792-4298JeffIKK.jpg (27426 bytes)

Claridge Inn of Prentiss
1132 Columbia Avenue
Prentiss, MS
(601) 792-2051 ClrdgMtl.JPG (6338 bytes)

Danny's Fried Chicken

Ward's of Prentiss Wards.JPG (9801 bytes)

Berry Hollow Barbecue

Hall Restaurant


 Kuntry Kitchen (Next to the 
Jeffersonian Inn)  JeffIKK.jpg (12959 bytes)

Country Fisherman

Papa's Pizza to Go


Triangle Café

Cowboy Jim's Riverside Restaurant, open 4-9 PM Thursday, 4-10 PM Friday, Saturday 
Specializing in Charcoal grilled aged beef, Mississippi catfish, and Gulf Coast seafood  
Unique atmosphere, located on the Bouie River, cypress lake, waterwheel mill room
Reservations recommended, Phone 765-3125   CwbyJms.jpg (59725 bytes)
  Also see their listing in Bassfield